Pottery Class “Clay Hearts”

IMG_0286I teach a class called “Clay Creations,” a pottery class for preschoolers.  I’ve noticed that there are not a whole lot of innovative art lessons for this age group, 3-5.  In planning, I searched the internet for clay projects that will be fun for the kids, impress their parents, and allow my students to develop those fine-motor skills which are so important at that age.  I am still learning what their limitations are, and have to complete some steps for them (like rolling out slabs before class), but I try to give them steps they can do and not get too frustrated.

Here is one lesson I came up with..

TEXTURED HEARTS for Valentine’s Day

IMG_0271I had a pre-rolled slab laid out for each of the kids as they came into class.  We talked a little about Valentin’es Day, hearts, and symbols for love.  I helped them trace around a heart template and they used stamps and other clay tools to add texture to their slab hearts.  After class, I smoothed edges and used a straw to poke holes in the top corners for string.  After they were fired, I let them pick out a few colors of glaze to paint on the front side, and I fired them again.  After the glaze fire, I tied string through the holes to create a hanging wall piece.  You could also glue a wall hanger to the back, if you didn’t like the look of the string.

Finished results..

I will be posting more ideas in the weeks to come!  Click the link on my homepage to follow my blog and receive them by email..

thanks for reading!



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