Light Tent for Photographing

DSCN7231Yesterday I did a little experimenting with photographing.  I have some recent ceramic work that I would like to add to my existing portfolio.  I wanted to make something that was sturdy, easily stow-able, and not too complicated to make.  I already had a gray scale backdrop I bought from an online photography store I wanted to use for the backing (I think it was around $50.. I found this one from B&H for $29.99: ).

DSCN7233I used this video from youtube to help me get started:

Her light tent is much less ghetto than mine.. but I didn’t want to buy extra materials, so I used what I could find around the house.  I did buy some 3/4″ PVC pipping (they came in 5 ft lengths, I got 6), some tri-elbow connectors, and a plastic pipe cutter.  The top of my box is 22″ and the legs are about 30″.  I will probably make a smaller tent with the left over PVC for photographing my jewelry and note cards.  The bed ruffle worked ok, the blue edge didn’t seem to bother the filter.  I am, however, going to invest in some natural lighting light bulbs next go around.  The pictures came out best when there was natural light filling the room in addition to the lamps.  When it got dark, and the incandescent bulbs took over, my tent got a little shadow-y and the color was less true.  Nonetheless I think my they came out pretty darn good! What do you think?


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